Areas of Practice Overview

Areas of Practice Overview

You can be going about your daily activities and routine and everything can be a normal day. Then, through the negligence of another, your life can change dramatically. For many families and individuals an accident can change the quality of life, cause financial difficulties, emotional and physical pain and a loss of the ability to fulfill your life’s ambitions.

The Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms seeks to compensate victims of negligence and place them in the best position possible to continue on life’s journey. If you or a loved one were the victim of an accident, and were not at fault, then you may be entitled to damages from the individuals or companies that caused injury to you. In order to place your case in the best possible position investigation needs to begin immediately in order to gather all the facts preserve the evidence, and to make your case as strong as possible.

Medical attention should be sought immediately and every change in your physical and mental makeup needs to be documented by medical professionals. If you have been the victim of a truck accident, slip and fall, car accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or any other type of negligence please contact the Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms immediately. Attorney Samms will speak with you personally and assess your claim as soon as possible. If need be investigators will be dispatched in order to obtain as much information as possible and your case will be evaluated by Attorney Samms personally.

Attorney Samms has over 30 years of litigation experience in Florida. Attorney Samms has an understanding of how insurance company’s evaluates cases due to his former representation of Pueblo, a prominent grocery store chain in the Caribbean. This invaluable experience is now being used to assist victims of accidents. Attorney Samms will strive to obtain a positive settlement and if need be litigate your claim and put your issues in the best light before a jury.

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