Curriculum Vitae

Legal Experience (1990-Present )

The Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms, P.A.

Established in 1988, the Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms engaged in litigation from its inception.  The firm practices in both federal and state courts and has litigated and tried cases in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio  California and the Virgin Islands.  With over 30 years of litigation experience the firm provides a depth and versatility that can provide the client with a presence in civil as well as criminal cases.  The firm has also represented a nationally recognized retailer and by doing so has gained valuable insight in the way adjusters for insurance companies think.  This experience is extremely valuable when negotiating and mediating with adjusters for your personal injury claim.  Whatever your injury, whether it be caused by a private citizen, company or governmental entity, the Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms is uniquely positioned to handle your case.

Personal Injury

The Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms has handled numerous personal injury cases from automobile accidents, rollover events, slip and falls, bicycle accidents, physical assaults and all manner of negligence.  Particular attention is paid to the preservation of evidence and the statements of witnesses to enhance the value of your case.  We do everything in our power to obtain a positive settlement for our clients.  However, in the event that the opposition does not respect our position we will pursue relief from the court.

Federal Civil Rights Practice

The firm has engaged in many important police misconduct cases in the Federal Courts of the Southern District and the State Courts.  In some unfortunate circumstances the firm has pursued justice for individuals who have been killed by police action.  These cases have resulted in positive settlements for the estates of these lost loved ones.  The firm has also handled numerous false imprisonment, battery and federal excessive force claims under the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.  The firm has also sued private entities whose security guards or employees have improperly detained or battered patrons.  These matters have also resulted in positive settlements for the firm’s clients.

Criminal Defense

The firm has been engaged in criminal litigation from it’s inception.  All matter of accusations whether state or federal have been successfully handled for the firms clients.  These include homicide cases to misdemeanor or juvenile offenses.  Currently most of the firm’s litigation is in federal court where the Southern District has seen a explosion of fraud cases occur.  The firm has experience in white-collar crime and has handled major Medicare fraud and all manner of check and credit card fraud as well.  If you find yourself accused of crime, the Law Offices of Gregory A. Samms, P.A. is qualified to provide experienced service.


University of Miami School of Law, J.D. 1984.

Lawyer of the Americas, International Law Review.

Business Manager;Responsible for obtaining advertising and support for the law review (First African American to ever be invited to a law review at the University of Miami School of Law)

Honor Council.

Responsible for hearing violations of the University of Miami Honor Code.

Certified Legal Intern- Public Defenders Office Miami-Dade County.

  • Columbia University in the City of New York.
  • B.A. 1981, Dean’s List Student.
  • All Ivy Wrestler on All Ivy teams of 1980 and 1981.
  • Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Vice President of Alpha Alpha Chapter.

Teaching Lectures

Law School Lecturer.

Lectured at Catholic University Law School,  University of Miami School of Law and Saint Thomas University School of Law on issues of excessive force and 42 U.S.C 1983 and it’s application in real life cases and scenarios.  Also explored the way in which courts deal with issues of qualified immunity in the police misconduct context and examined how the Eric Gardner and Travon Martin cases have affected the public psyche and the courts approach to these issues.

2006 ACLU of Florida’s Lawyer Conference. Topic: Excessive Force.

A lecture for civil rights lawyers on how to prosecute a police misconduct case and avoid the pitfalls of qualified immunity and sovereign immunity.

2005 ACLU of Florida’s Lawyer Conference. Topic: A Primer on the Intersection of Criminal Law and Police Misconduct.

Exploration of the relationship of improper arrests and excessive force in criminal cases with 1983 litigation. Discussion of particular strategies in litigating the criminal case in preparation for trial.

Bar Memberships

  • Florida Bar 1984.
  • Virgin Islands 2006.
  • The United States Supreme Court.
  • United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Judicial Circuit.
  • United States District Court Southern District of Florida.
  • United States District Court Southern District ofFlorida Trial Bar.
  • United States District Court of the Virgin Islands.

Bar Associations

Black Lawyers Association (Currently know as the
Wilkie D. Ferguson Bar Association)

Served two terms as president from 1990-1992. Led the association through the Lozano Riots, appeared on news programs urging calm throughout the community. Did television presentations of the daily events of the Lozano trial for the community. Subsequently successfully intervened in the Lozano criminal trial on behalf of the victims’ family members, using a state constitutional provision which required that family members be apprised in criminal actions of all important developments.
The trial court’s granting of this motion as the only time in legal history that such an intervention had been granted.

Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Member of this Association dedicated to the preservation of the rights of the accused.