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Attorney Gregory A. Samms is a man of many dynamic faces, the equivalent to having unmatched versatility to adapt to any situation. This quality makes him a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom as he is certain to give opposing counsel the arduous task of trying to defeat him.

So where did this all start? The short answer is at the University of Miami School of Law in 1984. It was on the grounds of this prestigious university campus that he began demonstrating that he was destined to become a dynamic lawyer with unsurpassed dedication and expertise in his field of study. It was here that he received the honor of being the first African American invited to a law review.  He represented the law journal with pride, dignity, competence and commitment that has carried over for  more  than two decades.  This experience was sure to transform Gregory A. Samms into a great lawyer with many dynamic faces capable of dealing with a multitude of client cases that would shape his successful career.  Attorney Samms has handled hundreds of cases both civil and criminal, with over seventy of those being jury trials. His litigation strategies are considered intensely aggressive placing his clients in the best possible position to come out victoriously.  At times when cases have been challenging, Attorney Samms finds a way to go the distance which further supports his ability to persevere. All of these things contribute to his ability to instantly think on his feet and draw from past trial experiences to facilitate winning current trials; creating dynamism in the courtroom.

His Dynamic Faces: Gregory A. Samms specializes in Federal Civil Rights Practice with an emphasis on Police Misconduct.  He’s been the cooperating attorney with the ACLU on multiple matters and various other civil rights cases over the years.  He has handled numerous Personal Injury cases including a noted tort defenses in the US Virgin Islands. Attorney Samms represents clients in Criminal Defense matters which include felony and misdemeanor jury trials and capital cases. His experience with Probate and Guardianship cases include those related to incapacitated persons, both juvenile and adult.  Sports Representation is also an area where Attorney Samms has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  He has represented several professional athletes in contract negotiations with various NFL teams.  Additionally, he has conducted a number of Teaching Lectures over the years to include the following topics: Excessive ForceA Primer on the Intersection of Criminal Law and Police Misconduct, Real Life 1983 Litigation and Issues for Civil Rights Litigation in Florida. Most recently he has ventured into the realm of being a Trial Consultant advising attorneys and firms who are in need of an experienced Attorney for trial litigation.

In addition to being a tiger in the courtroom, Gregory A. Samms has a huge heart. He gives back to his community on a regular basis by staying involved in various nonprofit, appointed and civic organizations.  His past involvement has included, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Feed the Homeless Programs, James E. Scott Community Association Board Member, The American Cancer Society, as well as, volunteering as a guest speaker at various high schools.  He’s also the past Chairman of the Nuisance Abatement Board of Miami-Dade County, Circuit Court Conflict Screening Committee 11th Judicial Circuit, Florida Bar Grievance Committee 11A, a member and past president of the Wilkie D. Ferguson Bar Association and the National Lawyers Guild.  His Bar Memberships include: Florida Bar, Virgin Islands Bar, The United States Supreme Court Bar, United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Judicial Circuit, United States District Court Southern District of Florida, United States District Court Southern District of Florida Trial Bar and United States District Court of the Virgin Islands.

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